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Human statue, living statue, live statue, mermaid statue Human statue, living statue, live statue, mannequin statue Human statue, living statue, live statue, bluestatue

All our statues perform sets of 30 minutes to one hour maximum - the amount of sets performed depends on your needs. Guaranteed to make your event memorable, any theme can be catered for. For more info and to book Statuesque please click here.

Corporate Branding


Human statues are the perfect way to promote your company or event.

Create a stir with statues painted using corporate colours and/or logos.







Mannequins that look uncannily real but come to life with robotic movement are a novel and ingenius way to attract attention and entertain.

Perfect for shop window promotions and product launches.





Our character statues are a fantastic addition to any event with a wide selection already available or something especially created to fit your theme.